Bad Weather

Bad Weather is an organic hassle-free skincare company for men. Refined by the cold Baltic weather and run by northern men with a solid belief that taking care of men's skin should be easy, straight-forward and functional. Like putting on a raincoat when it rains.

Bad Weather is committed to making men's products as good and natural as they can be. No compromise and no bullshit. Their ingredients come from raw plants grown at our local organic farm. They take care of everything from distillation to extraction and manufacturing.

Their products are designed to endure rough seasons and prepare you for the years to come. They are here for the long run and believe discipline, and simple daily routine is the one thing necessary to achieve any goal worth having — both in skincare and your daily life.

Survival Balm

Rich and protecting balm for your face, hands, beard, and lips. Protects and nourishes wherever you go, whatever you do. The blend of precious cold-pressed organic oils and rich butters along with the beeswax and local plant extracts is designed to soothe and form a thin protective layer to make your daily routine and extraordinary adventures as easy as applying a balm.

BENEFITS: Protects against weather and pollution. Soothes and nourishes.

HOW TO USE: Scrape a bit of the balm with your thumbnail and warm up between your fingers or palms. Apply evenly on skin, lips, beard, mustache or hair.

FRAGRANCE: Citrusy with slightly resinous notes of hops.

Facial Spray

The first thing in the morning! Your girl might call it a toner but it is much more than that. Along with the freshness comes a whole lot of actives that make this Wake Up Facial Spray supreme and valid as your only facial care product.

Extracts of local plants and selected natural actives from well known labs around the World are taking care of hydration, toning, soothing and healthy cell regeneration with a simple sprayable application.

Due to its non-scented delicate composition Wake Up Facial Spray can be used through the day to refresh the face whenever your skin feels tired.

BENEFITS: Instantly fresh feeling, improvement of skin tone, better hydration, stimulation of regeneration processes.

HOW TO USE: Spray directly to your face. Any time of day or night, whenever you feel like your skin is tired

FRAGRANCE: Slightly minty. No added fragrance.

Facial Serum

Caring and deeply moisturising oil-free formula delivers actives to the deepest layers of skin. Small molecular size actives travel through the surface layers much easier, allowing to skip bigger particles like oil to ensure the most efficient hydration and promote regeneration.

BENEFITS: Oil-free formula delivers actives to the deepest layers of skin. Ensures ultimate hydration and deals with appearance of signs of ageing.

HOW TO USE: Use your palms to apply the cream evenly in thin layer on every part of your face. Morning and evening, best used after washing your face.

FRAGRANCE: No added fragrance

Facial Cream

Lightweight yet powerful. Quality organic seed oils, superpowerful actives and extracts, locally distilled plant and fruit waters. All Round Facial Cream combines them all.

BENEFITS: Light texture, quick absorption, hydration and protection from environmental factors.

HOW TO USE: Use your palms to apply the cream evenly in thin layer on every part of your face. Morning and evening, best used after washing your face.

FRAGRANCE: Citrusy with tones of resin.

Beard Oil

We all know beard needs to be looked after. Composition of organic oils and extracts of Nettle, Pine and Hops will help to tame the beard, give it a bit of a shine and nourish the skin underneath your facial hair.

For those just starting to grow their beard, this oil is crucial remedy that deals with the itch and discomfort which accompanies the first stage of becoming a bearded man.

BENEFITS: Nourishes the beard and skin beneath. Light texture, medium shine.

HOW TO USE: Use amount appropriate to the size of your beard. Using your palms to apply oil evenly on your beard. Brush through with your fingers to coat it all and reach the skin as well. Whenever needed, to increase healthy beard growth use after washing

FRAGRANCE: Slight hop aroma. No added fragrance.

Out of the Dark Eye Gel

Super convenient roll-on gel easy to compensate for those late night parties and long work hours. Blend of powerful actives promotes circulation, reduces swelling and discomfort.

BENEFITS: Fresh feeling and reduced appearance of Dark Circles and Puffy Bags.

HOW TO USE: Any time of day or night. Few slides with the roll-on bottle underneath the eyes.

FRAGRANCE: No added fragrance.